Learn Mind Power Techniques to Reprogram Your Subconcsious

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Subconscious Mind Power Techniques
Greg Frost

When you engage your subconscious mind using positive affirmations, it will allow the mind to absorb and treat these affirmations as reality. When these end goals are repeated constantly, the subconscious mind will act so that it becomes the reality around you. This can be achieved and sped up with the use of subconscious mind power techniques.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a form of communication with your subconscious mind, and ideally should be conducted in a peaceful environment that allows you to relax without interference. By integrating your affirmations with meditation, you will see results a lot faster. The combined usage of positive affirmations and meditation is at its optimal just before you go to bed. By repeating your affirmations over and over before you sleep, you are allowing your subconscious to work on it throughout the night as it does not rest.

2. Visualization

Another technique for enhancing your affirmations is by incorporating a visual aspect to each affirmation. Visualize each affirmation as though it is the current reality, and this will increase the effectiveness of your positive affirmations.

3. Using your Vision

40% of your mind is used for vision, and by writing down your affirmations and leaving them in places where you can see them easily, it acts as a constant reinforcement and reminder. Leave these lists in areas where you are able to constantly look at them, such as on the refrigerator at home, or on your desk at work.

4. Include greater Details

Make sure that you are as clear and detailed as possible for all your affirmations, so that your subconscious mind knows exactly what you want to achieve. Be careful that you should limit this to the end goal, and not the process that the subconscious mind should take to achieve it. By adding in more details, it would make the affirmation more precise.

5. Use positive words

Always use the present tense in your positive affirmations. This gives it the power of now, enabling the subconscious to act on it faster to match it with the reality around you. Use positive and stronger terms such as “will” rather than “might”, and you will see that it makes a difference!

These are 5 techniques that you can employ in your everyday life to help you achieve results faster and more effectively from positive affirmations. With practice and time, you will soon find yourself a more positive person in mind, body and soul.

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